CommonsSearch Priciing

CommonsSearch pricing is simple. You have 5 free days of access in a "Try Me" mode. After that, we have several paid options.

CommonsSearch does not sell images. We sell the convenience of finding images, videos, and tweets, plus the pulling together, easily, of all the owner information, link and attribution/permission information. That's the real value of CommonsSearch -- you get the informatiom you need about the owners of the images

Here's how it works: You do a search. Which might include filters. Examples of filters may include how many days since the image was posted (to get recent images) or with youtube, you can filter by channel name. Find the image, video or tweet you want. Click on it. You'll be presented with the images details, including owner and caption. You can modify or create your own caption.

When you click the Select button, this gives you the code you need to embed the image with all the attribution info you need, right into your own content.

We also offer an api for accessing CommonsSearch programatically, and receiving all image info programatically.

Simple payment structure: 100 images for $10. You pay into your account and it gets decremented for each image you select. When zero is reached, you will be prompted to add more to your account.

All payments are good for a certain number of days. This means you have so many days to select your images. The number of days depends upon how many images you put into your paid account. Here's a table:

Number of Images Days for Usage
$10 for 100 images 30 days
$20 for 220 images 60 days
$40 for 500 images 90 days
$60 for 800 images 120 days
$90 for 1200 images 150 days


When you login to CommonsSearch (after signing up) you will find the payment area.